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About Us

Advertising Hasn't Changed Much

But the way we deliver the message and how it gets to the right ears, has. Our expertise in all forms of traditional and new media gives our clients the advantage of "old school" knowledge paired with 21st century technology.

I'd like some of Hammock Ads magic. How do I engage?

A phone call or an email. No contracts, just a simple handshake, if the chemistry is right.

Born Out of Necessity

Our background in broadcast advertising paved the way to the next logical step. Our first client had us review their advertising plan. And it was obvious they were being taken to the cleaners by their agency. We showed them how advertising done right, works.

Our Culture

We work with the forgotten advertisers, the ones most agencies won't touch, because their ad budgets don't have enough zeros. These are the small and medium size retail and service industry clients that make up the majority of revenue generating businesses in our area.

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